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They cover more than The ocean’s resources attract
coastal settlements: 400 MILLONES DE km² more than 50% of the world’s population lives less than 100km from the coast. By 2025,
it could be
Coastal zone Over 100km of coastline, more than 100 beaches in 12 municipalities are monitored using the Cowama system. More than 800 quality controls of bathing waters and beach auditing. Ports
More than 1,000 tests have been conducted on dredged material. Marine environment
More than 60 contaminating substances have been detected following 200,000 lab tests. Ecosystems
More than 20 sonar mapping surveys, over 3,000 water quality analyses and 1,000 biological tests.
A treasure called the OCEAN
Integrated water solutions for sustainable development
The oceans are an essential part of our
lives. They play a crucial role in maintaining the social, economic and environmental balance
of the planet.
account for
of the surface area
of the Earth’s water
They are commercial superhighways: maritime transport accounts for 90% of world trade.
 However, THEY ARE subject to heavy pressure: 75% of the pollution in the water comes from the land. More than 80% of fishing takes place in overexploited areas. 80% of the additional heat
caused by temperature rises on Earth
is absorbed by the oceans. The annual rise in sea levels over the last 20 years has been
They provide food for 3.6 Billion people
and supply 50% of the O2
consumed around the globe.
We are working to maintain the quality of the water around our coast. our work is focused on:
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